Your Adult Social Site

What is an Adult Social Site? It's a social media network for adults only! Duh.. But what's the difference from other social sites? Well it's simple we do not allow children on our platform, this means that we can and do allow adult content like sex, nudity, fowl language. You know, all those things you got in trouble for doing as a kid.. lol

A Community for the Community

Here at ShamelesShit we strongly believe in being involved in our community. Have you ever met any of those big box social site owners? No..? Well come on in and get to know us, Dustin and Teddy site owners are here for you!

Our Mission

Is to create an open minded, fun, friendly & supportive community where people can learn and explore different walks of life together and express their selves without being censored or ridiculed for being different. This is a new era in which we should finally, be free to talk about sex, gender, orientation, sex culture -- and exchange ideas.

Real People for Real Interaction & Conversation

We take pride in our efforts to make sure everyone using our services are real people and not bots, scammers or spammers.

Be Private, Public or Both

We offer privacy settings for everyone, you can choose to show the world what your into or selectively choose who you want to view your content.. Either way we take your privacy seriously and will never sell your information to other companies or corporations. EVER!

Your in Control

From the moment you sign up, your in charge of what you see in your news feed, it all depends on who you friend, what pages you like & what groups you join. So take your time and look around for the things you like.

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