Tammy love
by on November 16, 2020

 My name is Tammy love i am a parttime panseural crossdresser.that is marred to a bbw s o im not single.also   have a  10 year old  girl  from my  last  marriage   that live with us  .so win she at her real mom  i pull out the make up  wig  etc  .  i spent ther other time shoping on the net for  ay thing chap  that in goodshap   dress   tops  wigs make up    i also  buy and sale to  other    of the same stuff    like heels on poshmart .com ebay  etc  

Im not a gay cd   i  do not mand chating with men   it  does noting for me  win  men  send me dick pics on any  website like facebook  or any other dating sites  i just think it a fan of tammy love ,to me i use website like gay one to  post my pics to get thim out on the net 





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