• How can I find interesting projects to support?

    1. Go to the ‘All Campaigns’ page. 2. Enter a keyword that may interest you like "fishing" in the search form. 3. If all goes well hopefully you can look through the projects your search found and find something your into.

  • How can I support a project?

    Once you have found a project you would like to support click on the "Support Project" button. Next you will see a form to input what amount you would like to donate, leave a message with your donation, and choose whether or not to hide how much you donate, donate as anonymous and agree to the fundraisers terms. Once you have got everything ready to go just hit the "Make Donation" button under the form.

  • Can I donate to a project more than once?

    Yes, you can donate to a project more than once as long as it is still live.

  • How can I contact a Project Owner for any questions related to their project?

    You can click on the "Send Message" button in the campaign details section to contact the Project Owner for any questions related to their project. You can also ask questions in the comments section of the campaign.

  • Is it possible to get a refund of the amount I have donated for a project?

    Yes it is possible to refund donations but this is entirely dependent on the project owner or site admins. Please note that donation refunds may be subject to a processing fee. This is not avoidable sometimes due to the way PayPal processes payments/donations so you may not receive your total amount donated back. In the case of any refund concerns, please contact project owners or site admins.

For Campaign Owners

  • What are the things I should do before starting my project?

    1. Make a detailed budget of your costs required to bring your idea to life. Use this to set your project’s funding goal. 2. Think thoroughly about what rewards to offer to your project’s supporters. 2. Have a plan to market your project so that it can reach it's maximum potential. 3. Be active and show project progress as you strive to reach your funding goal amount.

  • What are the various steps to create a project on this website?

    1. Click on the "Start a Campaign" button or link. 2. Fill the required details in the project creation form which you should have gathered before starting this process. 3. Go to edit page of your project to compile an overview, to create various perks, to add videos / photos and to set the main photo / video for your project.

  • What about payment?

    Payments go directly to your PayPal account.