1. Major site update, which involved some changes in the core of the site for security, performance and some future features we are planning to add by the end of the year.
  2. Made some minor adjustments to notifications AJAX for performance improvements.
  3. Stoped AJAX user info popup on hover for performance improvements.
  4. Made some changes to comments, not fully done yet but their are more stickers to use now and things should work more smoothly. Messed up some Dark theme colors though..
  5. Made some more Dark Theme changes.. There's still so much that needs work.. ugh..
  6. Worked on the Android and IOS apps some, they are still not connecting yet..
  7. Turned off Instant Messaging for now as some changes being made for the NEW messenger caused the old one to have a bug where links posted in messages were being posted to users newsfeed.. what a mess.. lol
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