What a week it's been damn!

  1. Added sponsored ads to the site to help keep the lights on around here lol
  2. Added 2 new badges users can earn, allot more to come i'm just slow.. We take requests too!
  3. Cleaned up some more junk from the server..
  4. Fixed some minor security bugs..
  5. Made a few more Dark Theme changes..
  6. Put in some more core changes for the future updates coming..
  7. Attempted to turn instant messaging on again but it's not fixed yet.. I had hoped some of the changes made solved that bug.. guess not..
  8. Fixed some JS bugs that were causing the site to act funny when browsing pages, sometimes posts or comments would hang up and break the site layout or just get stuck.. hopefully that is fully fixed now..

Thanks everyone for all your support we love having you with us!

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Well I'm so glad that I have a place for my sick mind to do whatever it does, no really the nun thing is all therapy after all the catholic school. But I'm curious is this wordpress? I don't know how to explain it, it just seems to have that feel


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