1. What device is this happening on?



2. What browser or app were you on?

Not sure.


3. Does this problem happen everytime or randomly?

Everytime you load more about 3 times


4. Please describe the problem with as many details as possible feel free to give us step by step instructions of what you did or were doing when the problem happened

Clicking Load More 3 or so times causes the site to lag very badly on mobile.


5. Feel free to post any pictures or videos of the problem here (optional)

Last update on November 12, 1:29 pm by Dustin.
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The progress of this issue is now: 100% Done.

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Seems we have to eat those last words.. It's not 100% solved.. It works good as long as you don't like or react to posts while scrolling and loading more.. but if you like/react/comment while you scroll down this seems to build up some odd JS and causes the lag to appear again... further research into this issue is in progress we will fix this!

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