Community Guidlines


Here at ShamelesShit we hold our members to a higher standard..

Attitude is Everything

We take pride in being a drama free site that does not promote hate between people.. Please take everything you see on this site with a grain of salt and not seriously.. If something offends you keep scrolling there is no reason to blow up and get mad about it.. It's ok to voice your opinion on the matter or even say you dont like it.. But do not make a big deal about it or blow it way out of paportion.. We dont need all that drama or negativity.. Let's try to keep things positive.. We will also not tollerate slandering, judgemental, harrassing behavior, or constant bickering between people.. If someone is bothering you, report them, block them and move on.. We are not kids and there is no reason why adults should act like children..


As long as it's legal and you have permission to post it.. please feel free to post it.. we allow all kinds of content.. Some things we DO NOT allow are, but are not limited to.. Beastiality, any type of sexual acts between humans and animals is illegal.. And simply showing suport for it can get you serious fines and jail time.. Child abuse or child pornography.. NO KIDS we will not stand for or tollerate the abuse or exploitation of children or minors.. you will be banned and reported to the FBI..

Not a hook up site

We are not a dating or a hook up site, please do not come here looking to find someone to hook up with or date, there are lots of other sites for this so please use them.. Please do not harrass other members for pictures,videos, phone numbers, adresses, other contact or personal info it's ok to show interest and ask but if they decline leave it alone do not beg or continue to ask.. Being annoying will get you no where here.. They will just block you or report you to us..